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By Kai Sacco | April 18, 2014

Monthly we spend an average of 185 hours in front of the television, 26 hours, 58 minutes online and 34 hours, 21 minutes on mobile phones. That’s a total of 246 hours, 19 minutes (IBTimes). The “why” is easy—our devices give us so much while asking for so little. Our compulsive use of them seems to suggest a need for literal fusion, a need to collapse the barrier between self and device. Transcendence is a paranoid tech-thriller that unimpressively looks at this transhumanist thinking via the melding of man and machine.

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A Look Back: The Imagery of ‘Signs’

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By Kai Sacco | April 9, 2014

NOTE: This is a revision of a piece I’ve previously posted. I’ve added thoughts to the opening and many of the images.

It was the night of August 2, 2002 at Miami Beach’s Lincoln Theater. I was 12 years of age. M. Night Shyamalan was my favorite filmmaker, and I was about to watch his fifth feature with the company of my grandfather (a man who was responsible for most of my cinema outings as an adolescent). I awaited it with such anticipation that the weeks leading up to its release were made up of sleepless nights for me.

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